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Directions:  Take 1-3 capsules per day or as recommended by a health care professional. Pure Arginine should be taken with vitamins and minerals.  Tyson’s MVM (Multivitamin) is highly recommended.  Powder equivalent is 1/4th level teaspoon for each capsule.

Key Benefits

 Endothelial support for circulatory health.
 Promoting protein synthesis and anabolic activity for those with surgical stress, trauma, sepsis and catabolic conditions.
 Immune support.
 Urea cycle support.
 Anabolic response for athletic physique.


 Conditionally essentials
  1. Non-essential in unstressed animals and humans.
  2. Becomes essential in starvation, injury, or stress.
  3. Increased intake following trauma has beneficial effects by decreasing nitrogen losses and improving the rate of wound healing
  4. Synthesized endogenously from citrulline in the kidneys and brain, although kidneys are the primary source of Arginine for peripheral protein synthesis
  5. Arginine, Lysine, and Ornithine share the same transport system in the intestines, kidneys and blood-brain barrier
  1. Urea cycle intermediate
    1. Effective in protecting animals from ammonia toxication
    2. More effective in ammonia detoxification than Ornithine
  2. Proteogenic
  3. Glycogenic
  4. Growth Hormone
    1. IV administration to adult humans in doses of 30 g in 30 min (0.5 g/kg in children) causes a marked increase in human pituitary growth hormone secretion.
    2. Liver arginase activity (Arginine to Ornithine) is very high, releasing very little Arginine into the plasma.
  5. Insulin
    1. Arginine has a strongest insulinogenic effect equal to the infusion of all the essential amino acids.
  6. Wound healing
    1. increased thymus weight
    2. increased thymic lymphocyte cellularity
    3. increased thymocyte blastogenesis to stimuli
    4. increased allograft rejection
    5. increased peripheral blood lymphocyte blastogenesis to stimuli
    6. decreased tumor size
    7. in humans, decreased thymus involution
  7. Reproduction
    1. involved in spermatogenesis
    2. clinical results with Arginine increasing fertility range from negative to excellent

Adult Reference Ranges


Low Normal (4.6-15 micromol/100 ml) High
Immune Deficiency Syndrome AIDS    

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