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L-VALINE has a stimulating effect and is needed for muscle metabolism, repair and growth of tissue and maintaining the nitrogen balance in the body. Since it is a branched-chain amino acid, it can be used as an energy source in the muscles, and in doing so preserves the use of glucose.   Many amino acids become deficient with drug addiction, and here it also plays an important role and there are indications that it may also be beneficial in treating or reversing hepatic encephalopathy, or alcohol related brain damage, as well as degenerative neurological conditions.

Directions:  Take 1-2 capsules per day or as recommended by a health care professional.  L-VALINE should be taken with vitamins and minerals.  Tyson’s MVM (Multivitamin) is highly recommended.   Powder equivalent is 1/4th level teaspoon for each capsule.

Key Benefits

 Protein synthesis and promoting anabolic effects, which is important for those who have intense exercise and athletic activities.
 Athletes who have increased protein requirements, but are on calorie restrictive programs.
 Reducing catabolism of muscles for bed-ridden patients.
 Post surgical patients – for tissue repair of muscles, as well as bone and skin.
 Helping to stabilize blood sugar and energy levels.

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